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Xquisite Catering

"We Xceed Your Catering Xpectations"

Our strongest commitment is always to our clients, whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, craft services, a social gathering, a fundraiser, groundbreaking projects, or as simple as a cocktail party. Our desire is always to create memorable, detailed, and fabulous events that will you will remember forever. Here are some of our clients that trust Xquisite and continuously partner with us. 

Meet The Chef and Owner

My name is Felicia Covel Rami. I am a wife, mother, and full-time entrepreneur.
I chose catering because I have always had a passion for cooking.  I have been cooking since I was five years old at home with my grandmother. I later decided that food would be my career and studied at B.I.C (Baltimore Institute of Culinary Arts.) I bounced around from restaurants to assisted living homes until one day, I landed a job at a local catering company where I fell in love with the art of catering. It was the excitement of going out to a beautiful venue, transforming the space, serving the guest, and seeing their excitement. Every event was different, and every event left me excited to do the next one. After working in various areas of the culinary field, I made the tough decision to leave my fulltime job and put my all into my catering business, and I haven’t looked back since. Our days are long and never smooth, but I wouldn’t change any of it.  I LOVE what I do, and I am living my dream! 
                                                        Felicia Covel Rami